Delta Airlines reservations

Delta Airlines reservations

What is Delta Gold Medallion Status?

Gold Medallion status is the level just above the Silver Medallion Status. At this level, you can get to enjoy many mid-tier benefits frequent flyer benefits. On traveling as a Delta Gold Medallion, you are allowed enhanced airport experiences such as worldwide lounge access (irrespective of the class you are traveling in).

To earn Gold Medallion Status, you need to fly 50,000 Medallion Qualifying Miles or 60 Medallion Qualifying Segments. Besides, you would need to  spend $6,000 Medallion Qualifying Dollars.

Note that Medallion Qualifying Segments are individual flights you may fly. For example: if you fly from Detroit to Atlanta to Miami, it means 2 Medallion Qualifying Segments.

Gold Medallion Benefits

Delta's Gold Medallion is a level just above the entry Medallion level, i.e. Silver level. It is a higher level in the Medallion Status on the third rank.

The Gold Medallion Status lets you enjoy many mid-tier frequent flyer benefits.

  1. Unlimited Complimentary Upgrades

Being a Delta Gold Medallion Member, you get unlimited complimentary upgrade on domestic flight booking. However, it depends on the type of ticket, too. You get upgrades on all tickets, except basic economy class.

You and your companion can get unlimited complimentary upgrades to First Class and Delta Comfort+, 72 hours prior to departure.

The following table explains about the types of upgrades and the due time for its clearance.

Type of Upgrade

Due time for upgrade to clear

Unlimited Complimentary U.S. 50 Delta One Upgrades.

On the day of departure

Unlimited complimentary first class upgrades.

Begins 3 days days (72 hours) prior to departure.

Unlimited Complimentary  Delta Comfort+ Upgrades.

Begins 3 days days (72 hours) prior to departure.

Unlimited Complimentary U.S. 50 Delta One, First Class, and Delta Comfort+  upgrades for a companion.


Unlimited Complimentary Class Premier Upgrades on select Aeromexico- operated flights.

Begins 3 days (72 hours) prior to departure.

Complimentary Preferred Seats


Delta Prioritizes Upgrades on the following basis:

  • As a Gold Medallion Member, you get priority upgrade before a Silver Medallion Member but only after Diamond and Platinum Medallions.
  • If two Gold Medallion Members have fight over an upgrade, the one with costlier fare class would be given an upgrade.
  • Cardholders of the Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express Card receive more priority than the non-cardholders.
  • If two Gold Medallion Members have fight over an upgrade, the one who is a Delta Corporate Traveler would get priority upgrade.
  • If everything else is equal, the member who completes the $25,000 spending annually to waive the Medallion Qualification Dollars component to status , would get priority upgrade.
  • If everything else is equal, the one who has made an earlier request would get priority upgrade.
  1. Earn More Miles

Gold Medallions can earn 8 miles per dollar. This suggests that on spending $6,000, you would earn 48,000 SkyMiles, annually. Being a Gold Medallion, you receive a rollover MQM benefit.

  1. Waived Checked Baggage Fees

You and your 8 friends can get one complimentary checked bag, per person. Thus, you would save a lot of money if you have a Gold Medallion Membership and you are traveling in a group.

  1. Waived Same-Day Confirmed Fees

As a Gold Medallion Member, you are allowed to change your ticket on the same day of travel – you can switch to another flight either by taking a flight before or after you original flight.  A change normally costs $75, per person. However, a Gold Medallion Membership allows you to do it for free.

Please remember that you cannot move to a non-stop flight, cannot change your origin and destination, and can’t change higher cabin if you have an economy ticket.

  1. Waived Same-Day Standby Fees

You can standby on any flight throughout the day. If your desired seat opens, you can only get a seat if no higher tier members are standing by.

  1. Sky Priority

As a Gold Medallion Member, you receive priority check-in, first access to security lines, bags coming out faster on the carousel, and priority boarding (you shall be among the first few groups to board).

  1. CLEAR Membership for $109 annually

You would need to get your fingerprints/Iris, or boarding pass scanned  to bypass the initial security checks. You don’t require to stand in the normal security lanes.  Being a Delta Gold, you can take CLEAR membership for $109 annually .

  1. Lounge Access

As a Gold Medallion member, you can use any partner lounge (no matter the class you are flying) on an international ticket.

  1. Dedicated Customer Support Phone Number

As a Gold Medallion, you have your calls answered before Silver Medallions and general SkyMiles members. You can call on the assigned Delta Gold Phone Number for reservations assistance or any kind of problem solving related to Delta flights.

  1. Hertz Five Star Status

The Hertz Five Star Status can let you rent a car easily with a variety of added services. 

Learn more about the five star status:


Five Star Status


12 rentals or $2,400

Earning Points

$1= 1.25 points



Ultimate choice

Wider Selection

Free CLEAR Airport Trial

2 months

Reward Redemptions

Earn and use points for free car rental

Transfer Points to Select Traveler Partners


Dedicated Hertz Rewards Line


Free Additional Driver


Tier Benefit Experience

You can enjoy President’s Circle for a day

  1. Savings on Delta Vacations

Just like Diamond and Platinum Medallions, you can purchase your flight, hotel, and some other attractions for fairly significant savings through Delta vacation packages.

As a Gold Medallion Member, you can save  up to $300, per booking, on Delta Vacations.

The discounts that you can earn:

Vacations Value








$7000 or more


  1. Reclaim My Status

You can recover your lost Medallion Status by providing a document that led you reduce your ability to travel with the airlines, for example: you were on a bed rest for straight 6 months.

On being in a state to reclaim your status, you have to accept the challenge to recover it.

You would need to fly 12,500 Medallion Qualifying Miles or 15 Medallion Qualifying Segments. Besides, you would need to spend $1,500 Medallion Qualifying Dollars or spend $25,000 on an eligible American Express Co-branded Credit Card.

If you have any query regarding any of these Gold Medallion Perks, you can contact the 24/7 accessible Delta Gold Medallion Phone Number.

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