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What is Delta Diamond Medallion Status?

It is the highest Medallion frequent flyer tier in the Delta SkyMiles program. Delta Diamond Medallion Status offers the benefits which are plentiful and very beneficial.

Being a Delta Diamond, you receive the best treatment in comparison to other Delta's frequent flyer passengers. You get to enjoy benefits such as fee waivers, SkyTeam Elite Plus, Global Upgrades, the highest chance for complimentary upgrades, and a lot more.

The requirements to earn Diamond Medallion Status is little tough but could be easily achieved by those who fly a lot with Delta Airlines.

To be a Delta Diamond, you must fly 125,000 miles a year or 140 segments in a year.  Besides, you would need to spend $15,000 in a year.

Note that with a flight length of 672 miles, you earn 672 MQMs, a trip with 1 connection is 2 flight segments, and the qualification criteria needs to be meet by December 31 of each year to maintain the status.

Diamond Medallion Benefits

It is the highest Medallion tier which offers benefits which are unmatched by any other airline. On being a Diamond Medallion Status member, you get to enjoy benefits that are plentiful and very beneficial.

Diamond Medallion Passengers receive the best treatment among any of Delta's frequent flyers.

  1. Unlimited Complimentary Upgrades

On being a Delta Diamond Passenger, you get complimentary upgrades on all routes within the U.S. and on selected international destinations which include the Caribbean, Mexico, and Canada. 

In all upgrades cases, Diamonds are always preferred to be at the top of the upgrade order.

As a Delta Diamond Medallion member, you can receive the following complimentary upgrades:

  • Unlimited Complimentary U.S. 50 Delta One Upgrades – this upgrade may clear on the day of departure.
  • Unlimited Complimentary First Class Upgrades – this upgrade begins 5 days (120 hours) prior to departure.
  • Unlimited Complimentary Delta Comfort + Upgrades – this upgrade begins shortly after ticketing.
  • Unlimited Complimentary U.S. Delta One, First Class and Delta Comfort + upgrades for a companion.
  • Unlimited Complimentary Class Premier Upgrades on selective Aeromexico-operated flights – this upgrade begins 5 days (120 hours) prior to departure.

However, if limited upgrades are available your upgrade will be decided on the following factors:

  • Diamond Medallion Members get upgrades before all other tier members.
  • If all else is equal, a Diamond member with the higher fare class will get a seat upgrade first.
  • If all else is equal, a Diamond member with a Delta Reserve Card will get a seat upgrade first.
  • If all else is equal, the Delta Corporate Traveler will get priority upgrade.
  • If all else is equal, the person who has spent over $25,000 on a Delta co-branded American Express Card, will get the priority upgrade.
  • If all else is equal, upgrade would be given to the person who has requested an upgrade earlier.
  1. Earn More Miles

On being a Diamond Medallion, you get 1 1 miles for every dollar spent which is the highest number of miles that you receive on any elite tier. This suggests that on spending minimum $15,000, you would earn 165,000 miles annually.

Diamond Medallions can also rollover miles. This suggests that if you fly more than the required 125,000 miles to maintain the status, the left over miles will carry-forward and add in the following year's status earning.

  1. Complimentary CLEAR Membership

As a Diamond Medallion member, you get a free membership to clear through the identification and boarding pass scan process before security. This membership costs about $179 annually, but being a Diamond, you receive it for free. The Diamond Medallions don’t have to wait in line to have their information checked.

CLEAR members enroll by scanning their fingerprints or eye, and at the airport they simply scan their boarding pass and fingerprints and then proceed directly towards the metal detectors and bag scanners.

  1. Highest Priority Boarding

Diamond Members get the highest boarding priority. If you are a Delta Diamond Medallion Member, you would get to board with Delta One Customers.

  1. Sky Priority

On being a Diamond Medallion Member, you receive Sky Priority. This lets you get through the various procedures of airports faster. This is a part of SkyTeam Elite Plus Value and includes the following benefits:

  • As a Diamond Medallion Member, you will get a priority check-in: You will get to check your bag faster, and get agent assistance earlier during irregular operations.
  • As a Diamond Medallion Member, you get priority security: At the airports that are hubs or in the major cities, you don’t have to stand in the regular lanes. Instead, you get to use the priority lanes for faster access.
  • As a Diamond Medallion Member, you get expedited baggage service: Your Bags are assigned a priority tag at check-in which help them to be among the first set of bags to come off of the aircraft on your arrival.
  1. Waived Change Fees For Award Travel

Delta Diamonds are eligible to make changes to an award tickets for free. Normally, this costs more than $100, but being a Delta Medallion Member, you can do it without any charge. However, you need to make changes to your award flights at least 72 hours before departure.

  1. Free Checked Bag

As a Delta Medallion Member, the most amazing perk is that you are allowed your first checked bag without any fee on all Delta and partner flights. Besides, this benefit can extend up to 8 of your traveling companions. Thus, you end up saving several hundred dollars, depending on the number of people you are traveling with and how many bags you might be checking.

  1. Waived same-day confirmed fees

As a Diamond Medallion Member, you get same-day confirmed changes, free of cost. If the same fare class is available on the new flight, you can move to it without paying anything extra. This service normally costs around d $400, and you can enjoy it absolutely free.

  1. Waived Same-day Standby Fees

As a Diamond Medallion Member, you can claim standby without paying extra for it. In case, you want to move to a particular flight and your specific fare class isn’t available, standby lets you list onto the flight. You can go in an earlier or late same-day flight, if the seat is not available on that particular flight.

  1. Dedicated Phone Line

Whenever you face any kind of issue with your reservation, a flight cancellation, or any other problem, you have the priority in speaking with a Medallion agent. Your problems get sorted quickly as your call gets answered before other elite tiers. The dedicated helpline number is known as Delta Diamond Medallion Phone Number.

  1. Priority Waitlist

On being a Diamond Medallion, if you are not able to purchase a specific fare, you can ask the airlines to put you in a waitlist. This would enable you get the seat if it opens at another price. Diamonds are preferred to be enrolled in waitlists than the members of all other elite levels.

  1. Lounge Access

You get access to any lounge worldwide of any SkyTeam Carrier.  As long as you are on a Qualifying International Ticket, you can have access to Aeroflot's lounges in Moscow, Aeromexico's lounges in Mexico, and any SkyTeam lounge or Delta Sky Club in the U.S.

  1. Delta Vacation Savings

You get discounts on Delta Vacations, depending on the value of your purchase. You can save $50 on vacations valuing $1,250-$2,499, $100 on vacations valuing $2,500-$3,999, $150 on vacation valuing $4,000-$6,999, and $300 on vacations valuing $7,000 and more.  The discount would increase with the increase in the value of vacation package.

  1. Hertz President's Circle Status

On traveling from one destination to the other, if you use rental cars a lot, being a Delta Diamond, you can receive complimentary Hertz President’s Circle Status. Since Delta is in partnership with Hertz, it can help you to earn Hertz points and free upgrades, allowing you free rentals in the future. This status is, normally, worth around $200.

  1. Reclaim My Status

If you are a Diamond Member but you could not fly with Delta for a long time, you can again reclaim your status if you decide to again start flying with Delta on regular basis. All you got to do is to contact Delta and provide proof of the cause that didn’t let you fly with Delta.

Diamonds are usually given a challenge to fly 31,250 MQMs or 35 MQSs and $3,750 MQDs within a year to reclaim their status in the following year.

If you have any query regarding any of these Diamond Medallion Perks, you already belong to this tier, you can contact the 24/7 official Delta Diamond Phone Number.


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