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What is My Delta Medallion Status?

Your journey becomes brighter and more enjoyable as you travel with Delta Airlines as a Diamond Medallion, Platinum Medallion, Gold Medallion, or Silver Medallion Member.

With Delta Airlines Medallion Status, you have opportunities to fly more comfortably, move to the front of the line, enjoy wave fees, and have other elite class perks at your disposal.

You get closer to earning a Medallion status, every time you fly and spend with Delta or its partnered airlines.

The best part is that you get a specified Delta Medallion Contact Number, based on your Medallion Status, that you can call upon any day, any time of the year. The experts are accessible to you all the time.

How to earn Status?

Earn Medallion Qualification Dollars (MQD) based on your spending on Delta flights and its partner flights, annually. Besides, you need to earn Medallion Qualification Miles (MQM) based on distance flown and your fare class, or Medallion Qualification Segments (MQS) based on the number of flights you take.

  • Delta’s highest status in the SkyMiles Frequent Flyer Medallion program is ‘Diamond' status. To earn this status, you would require spending $15,000 every year, in addition to 125,000 miles flown or 140 segments.
  • Delta's Platinum Medallion status is the second-highest status in SkyMiles Medallion Program. To earn Platinum, you must spend $9,000 Medallion Qualifying Dollars (MQD) and fly 75,000 Medallion Qualifying Miles (MQM) or 100 Medallion Qualifying Segments (MQS).
  • Gold Medallion is the third-highest status in SkyMiles Medallion Program. To earn it, you need to spend $6,000 MQD and fly 50,000 MQM or 60 MQS.
  • Delta Silver Medallion Status is the lowest of the SkyMiles Medallion Program. To earn silver status, you must spend at least $3,000 MQD or fly at least 25,000 MQM or 30 MQS.

Platinum, Gold, Silver MQD Waiver

The Medallion Qualifying Dollars to earn Platinum, Gold, or Silver Medallion Status could be waived if you make $25,000 or more in eligible purchases during the calendar year with Delta SkyMiles Credit Cards, co-partnered with American Express.

Diamond MQD Waiver

Similarly, the Medallion Qualifying Dollars to earn Diamond Medallion Status could be waived if you make $250,000 or more in eligible purchases during the calendar year with Delta SkyMiles Credit Cards, co-partnered with American Express.

The higher Qualification change for Diamond Medallion Status is made to let the members of that status enjoy maximize elite benefits like Delta Sky Club access and Complimentary Upgrades.

While the Diamond Medallion waiver prices are more than platinum, gold, and silver MQD waiver, you can reach Diamond Medallion Status by earning 125,000 Medallion Qualified or 140 Medallion Qualified Segments, and $15,000 Medallion Qualified Dollars.

The way the Medallion Year Works

For the current year, the Medallion Status is earned through the flight and spending activity for the previous calendar year (Previous year's January 1 to December 31st).  

For example, You will earn 2021 Medallion Status through the flight and spending activity for the 2020 calendar year (January 1, 2020, to December 31, 2020).

Points to note about MQMs

 If you are aiming for Delta Medallion Status, you need to keep in mind a few important points regarding MQMs:

  • Rollover MQMs

It is an exclusive benefit provided to you by Delta Airlines. This suggests that the MQMs you earn over and above your Medallion Tier Qualification will roll over to the best qualification year. This would help you to get a better start on your next year's earning status. However, it is only valid for the members who are Silver and above Medallion Status.

  • Miles VS. MQMs

Do not get confused between Miles and MQMs. These are the two different commodities. MQMs are only used to determine your Medallion Status which are earned based on distance flown and fare class. However, Miles are earned based on your ticket price SkyMiles status. Miles never expire while MQMs reset each calendar year, as you move toward a new year of status.

  • Bonus MQMs

On booking a higher fare class, you are rewarded with extra MQMs. You get a 100% MQM bonus on booking first class and business class tickets. (F, J fares).  On booking discounted first, Delta Premium Select, Business, and Premium Main Cabin tickets (P, A, G, C, D, I, Z,Y, and B fares), you become eligible for 50% MQM bonus.

Points to note about MQDs

  • You earn Medallion Qualification Dollars based on the amount of money you spend on Delta-Marketed flights, i.e. flight numbers that include the “DL" airline code. MQDs only comprise of the base fare and any carrier-imposed surcharges. Note that the taxes are not included in MQDs. You would earn MQDs on total fare minus government-imposed taxes.
  • You can collect MQDs even while traveling on some selected Delta Airlines partner flights. However, while traveling with the partnered flights, MQDs are calculated as one-fifth of the “redeemable miles" you earn for the ticket. For example – if you are earning 1,500 “redeemable" miles on Delta-partnered flights, you would get to earn 300 MQDs on that fare.
  • You can collect MQDs on First Class, Delta Comfort +, Preferred Seats, and Premium Class paid upgrades made through Delta Channel. On not being able to accommodate the passenger in the selected seat or a similar seat, Delta would refund the purchase and no MQDs would be given. MQDs would also be not given for complimentary cabin access or seat upgrades.
  • Note that not every Delta Purchase does not promote the collection of MQDs. Fees and optional products will not help you to earn MQDs. This includes checked baggage fees, priority boarding, Wi-Fi passes, Delta Sky Club Memberships, in-flight food and drink purchases, pet travel fees, minor fees, mileage purchase, ticket change fees, Direct Ticketing Charge, standby fees, External Reissue Charge (ERC), and Administrative Service Charge (ASC).

If you have any query in related to the Medallion Status, you can call on Delta Medallion Phone Number.


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