Delta Airlines reservations

Delta Airlines reservations

Delta Airlines Lost and Found Service

In the rarest of the rare chances, it might happen that you need to report a case of mishandling of your luggage with Delta Airlines. However, Delta Airlines has an excellent system to keep a track of your luggage. Even then, if in an unlikely event, you register a case of lost luggage, you are always welcome to contact our lost and found desk. Our representative will do its best to help you provide the best solution.

What To Do When Your Luggage Is Delayed

In case your bags don't arrive on the carousel, you must not panic. Often the so-called ‘lost' baggage isn't really lost, it is just delayed. In most cases, we have been able to help our passenger to reunite with their luggage within 24 hours.

However, you need to report to us as soon as you realize that your bag isn't showing up on the carousel. You can immediately visit the airline's lost-baggage counter. Make sure you register the case with us before leaving the airport.

You would need to fill out a form and receive the copy of the relevant tracking numbers. Once, you have filled a form, you can leave the airport. To seek updates regarding your baggage, you can call on the lost and found number that would be assigned to you at the counter.

In the most likely event, the representative will call you within 24 hours to inform you about the luggage being found.

In case, the luggage is on the next flight, you shall get it within a few hours.

Please note that in an unlikely event, if your luggage is sent to the wrong airport, it could take a couple of days for us to return your luggage.

As we are committed to the best passenger services, we shall deliver you the delayed bags at your place without any cost.

What To Do When Your Items Are Lost

In case you have left an unchecked item on-board a Delta Flight, or in the Delta Gate Area, we shall make every effort to return it to you as early as possible.  You just need to report your lost unchecked item using the lost item form.

In case you have discovered that any of your items is missing from your bag, you must report the missing property to a Delta representative immediately.

Delta Airlines Lost & Found Number

Please note that your missing property or lost items from your checked baggage must be reported within 24 hours for domestic travel and 7 days for international travel.

To report about your missing property, you can call on Delta Airlines Lost and Found Number, 1800-221-1212.

On calling, the Delta representative will register your complaint and will give you a reference number. The reference number will help you to check the status of your property.

Report Damaged Baggage

In case your baggage was damaged during a flight, you need to report the problem immediately after arrival at the Delta Air Lines Baggage Office. A Delta representative would evaluate the damaged and would help to fill out a damaged bag form if needed.

Important Points

  • In case we find an item that matches the description of your lost item, we shall send you an email notification with other sets of instructions to help us confirm that the item is yours. You shall be remain informed via email, throughout the process too.
  • We will search your item for approximately 14 days, after receiving the lost item report.
  • In certain cases, you would be required to pay an additional charge for shipping your item to your address.
  • We shall compensate you for reasonable expenses that result due to a delay in delivery for domestic flights and as required by applicable international agreements for international flights.
  • If we have misplaced your luggage and cannot locate it within 21 days, it will be considered lost. We shall reimburse you for any fee charged to transport your bag.

Notify a Delta representative immediately about the delay, lost, or damaged case of your baggage. Call on Delta Lost and Found Phone Number and recover your items or luggage, at the earliest.

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